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Sister Act
The Musical

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, Sister Act tells the story of aspiring disco diva Deloris Van Cartier. Trying to work her way to the top in 1970s Philadelphia, Deloris falls in love with a very tough—and very married—gangster boyfriend named Curtis.


When Deloris witnesses Curtis commit a murder she ends up in hiding on police orders in a convent whose parish has fallen on hard times. Though the sequin-free lifestyle doesn’t agree with her, Deloris finds her calling working with the choir, and breathes new life into the dusty convent while discovering a sisterhood she’s never had before.

20th - 23rd March 2023

Barn Theatre, Cirencester

Who are

Theatre Ink and COS Productions have come together to perform shows at the Barn Theatre. The groups have been performing side by side for 8 years, constantly evolving and growing closer, and now, within our ‘memberships’, there are many who are involved with both. The next natural step is to bring this relationship even closer by forming one theatre group.


Theatre Ink has grown into one of the top amateur groups in the area, celebrating 10 successful years, and expands its reach in to Swindon. COS is a long established award-winning group, with a 68 year history, embedded in the Cirencester town. Both groups share audiences and cast members.


It is important to us that we keep our members and supporters with us. We want to ensure we continue to appeal to those who support Theatre Ink and those who support COS Productions, as one group we will continue to perform at The Barn Theatre giving our shared audience the opportunity to attend top quality shows that we promise to continue to pour our hearts and passion in to producing.

Who are we?
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